How to Play

Three very major distinctions from traditional chess must be enabled to play DoubleCross™ Chess.

1 • The first distinction in DoubleCross™ is that either player no longer can choose what pieces they want to move as dictated by standard chess. Players will be forced to move a specific game piece (King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, and Pawn) depending on the draw of the DoubleCross™ ChessDek™ playing cards.

2 • The second is the ability for either player to move each other's pieces. Either player has the right to put their opponent's pieces in harm's way if they draw a card that dictates moving an opponent's piece.

3 • The third distinction is that the game is won when a player's or their opponent's King is captured, not checkmated first.

Setting up The Game

1 • Requires Standard Chess Board.

32 • Chess game pieces (standard or DoubleCross™) (8 Pawns, 1 King, 1 Queen, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, 2 Rooks of one color and 8 Pawns, 1 King, 1 Queen, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, 2 Rooks of another color).

1 • Deck of DoubleCross™ ChessDek™ cards. Cards which are exact replicas of the corresponding chess pieces.

Place the pieces on the chessboard in the exact layout you would for standard chess. Shuffle the DoubleCross™ ChessDek™ and lay the deck face down. Discards are placed on either side of the deck, creating a pile to record each person's moves.

The Start

A player takes a card from the ChessDek™ and makes his move following the rules of chess based on what the card designates. After the move is made, the card gets put into a discard pile. Next it's the opponent's move which is again defined by their card draw. If a player cannot move, his turn is over and the opponent takes a card. This typically only happens either in the beginning of the game or the end when several pieces have been captured. The discard pile gets reshuffled and placed into play if the game runs out of cards (common saying it was a "one deck" or "two deck" game depending on the difficulty in capturing the King). One deck games are for really good players or those with great luck. You must call "check" to let the opponent know they are in jeopardy or your opponent will have an opportunity to take that piece off the board prior to their next turn (including a King checking a King). If the opponent does not notice they are in check the game resumes as normal, and the piece can't be removed at any other time. The play continues with each player turning over one card per turn until a King is captured designating the winner of the game.

The Rules

• Bring DoubleCross™ King Piece to game, ready to hand over if Player loses. (Optional)

• Set up the board as if you would play standard chess, shuffle the DoubleCross™ ChessDek™ & white/lighter color sided player draws first card.

• You move either your or your opponent's piece based only by card designation.

• Next player makes move based on their drawn card and the game continues with each player drawing a card back and forth.

• Pawns can't go backwards.

• En passant move is allowed.

• Castling is allowed on either Rook or King Card's draw.

• If the Pawn reaches King's row at the end of the board, the Pawn can be immediately promoted to any piece the player chooses. Play is over. In order to move this piece again the card must match the "promotion" piece, i.e. if Pawn is now a Queen - must draw a Queen card.

Optional: The Pawn must wait until player draws a pawn card on their regular turn to promote piece. If opponent draws player's pawn card first, they choose the promotion!

• You can remove your own piece if it's advantageous.

• If a card comes up but you can't move because the board is not open yet or it's of a captured piece, no move can be made. The turn has ended.

• If a player draws an opponent's card designating them to take their piece and there is no other move, player must remove his own piece.

• You must call check if the King is in jeopardy of being captured. If player does not call check and the opponent notices before his next draw. The opponent may remove the encroaching piece off the board, even if the checking piece is a King. (If King is removed, Game Over). Play resumes as normal.

• You can put yourself in check. But must call check or risk losing piece, or King (If king is removed game over).

• Kings can move into or be in check and checkmate at any time.

• King can check opponent's King.

• King must be captured to win the game.

• The losing King game piece is given to the winner as a collectable or tradable trophy. (Optional)


Joust cards are added to the deck as spoilers to increase the excitement and luck of the game. Once the card is used it is placed in the discard pile for reuse. You may consider using Joust cards once in the game or reshuffle them with the discard pile and use during the entire game.

- SAVE KING - (Blue means can hold) - This card is held until it can be used as a turn. Save King can only be used when King is captured. The King and capturing piece "Freeze" and remain exactly where they are. Card is used as a player's turn and put in the discard pile and play resumes.

- DOUBLECROSS - (Red means must use) - Must be used and can't be held. DoubleCross is used to undo your opponent's last move. Simply put the piece back the way it was prior to the last turn. You may also create your own rule for this card instead.

- RETURN ANY PIECE - (Red means must use) - Must be used and can't be held. Return any piece that has been taken. If no piece has been taken you must place the card into the discard pile and you lose a turn. If only your opponent's piece has been taken, you must return one of your opponent's pieces of your choosing. You may place the piece anywhere you want except putting the King in check or placing the piece on either King's Row.

- REMOVE ANY PAWN - (Red means must use) - Must be used and can't be held. Remove either color Pawn. If no Pawns are left, no move can be made and card is recycled into the discard pile and you lose a turn.

- WILD MOVE - (Red means must use) - Must be used and can't be held. Move any piece including placing the King in check but you may not capture the King with this card.

- LOSE MOVE - (Red means must use) - Must be used and can't be held. Lose Move prevents you from making a move during this draw. Opponent proceeds to draw his card.

- SWITCH SIDES - (Red means must use) - Must be used and can't be held. Both players switch sides with each other. If player has a Save King card, it is taken with the switch. Play resumes now as the owners of each other's former game.