An exhilarating, fast-paced, and challenging game with so many twists you'll never know who is going to win.


DoubleCross takes the best from chess and leaves the rest. Pure fun & excitement weather you are a novice or a master. DoubleCross levels the playing field so even if it's your first day playing you can beat a world champion. DoubleCross is the easiest way to learn how to play chess. No more excuses are needed for adults who don't feel they play as well as their opponents. This game was created with great care to preserve the purity of chess yet still allows those of lesser skill to fully participate. The goal is to create a new found love for those who don't play, as well as a new challenge fro those who do. Most of all, DoubleCross allows children to feel more excited and confident from the start, as they begin their lifelong fascination with playing the game of DoubleCross.


DoubleCross Cards

Card Pack

One set of DoubleCross cards required to bring a world of fun and drama to your chess board

DoubleCross Shirts


Wear the excitement! Our shirts show off how much fun DubleCross chess is. 

DoubleCross Hats


Look more stylish with our line of hats inspired by a variety of in-jokes here at our offices.



Alan Trefler - 1975 World Open Chess Co-Champ

"I must admit, I had a lot of fun playing my opponent’s pieces.
Really terrific game that you must play!"

"1975 World Open Chess Co-Champ"


Brian O'Malley - President & CEO / Domino Foods, Inc.

"What a great way to introduce the game of chess and learn the basic moves - and as an experienced player, get even more enjoyment from the sudden twists and turns. Anyone can win not just the "better" player and this is what makes it so much fun"